Renovating your bathroom on a tight budget

Building your dream bathroom from scratch is one thing, but often we buy a house which houses an older, less practical bathroom space that is in desperate need of an upgrade – this would be the perfect time for a renovation to take place! Much like all other renovation projects, the price is always the determining factor of the final look of your personalised bathroom. The bathroom renovation process does not need to be costly for you. There are ways to get your ideal look economically.

How to renovate a bathroom on a small budget?

Woodcraft Designs can offer great products to people with small budgets thanks to our in-house team of carpenters. We cut the costs by eliminating additional costs of outsourcing carpentry by fabricating everything ourselves.

Here are more ways to cut the costs of renovating your bathroom:

  1. Renovation costs tend to snowball out of control fairly quickly. Once you have a budget to work with, try to stick as closely to it as possible. This may include ironing out a plan from the beginning and strictly sticking to it. Also, make budget provisions for contingencies which can unexpectedly pop up.
  2. Try to preserve or reuse as much of the original bathroom as you can. You will love this idea if you have a particular attachment to any of your original countertops, cupboard doors or handles. You can always refinish doors and countertops which is less costly than purchasing brand new ones.
  3. If you must buy new countertops or cupboard doors, go for quality, reclaimed products, where possible, to keep costs down. We don’t all need marble countertops in our bathrooms. Consider reclaimed wood or laminates to replace costly alternatives.
  4. Manage your project carefully. Keeping to a schedule will bring down the contractor costs so try to stick to the original timeline as closely as possible. Take note that there may be many mistakes in the renovation process. This digs into your budget so you need to be very open-minded and realistic when setting your budget.

Woodcraft Kitchens can offer you high-quality products for your bathroom renovation at a budget suited to you. We make everything to our client specifications using accurate design software so your custom bathroom cabinets fit the dimensions of your bathroom space like a glove. Contact us today to discuss your bathroom renovation needs.