Get the look that you want for your bedroom

Looking for a great organisation solution for your bedroom at a good price? Look no further than Woodcraft Designs, we can help you with any custom wardrobe cabinets design ideas.

Your bedroom space and size are the points of departure when conceptualising built-in wardrobe design ideas.

We take the time to discuss the design ideas you have in mind, taking into account your budget and timelines. Using cutting edge technology, we can create a 3D generated drawing of what you can expect the finalised product to look like in your space. From here, we work together with you to create the final design idea for your perfect built-in wardrobe

Custom built-in wardrobes design ideas

The first piece of advice we normally give to our clients is to ensure that you use your storage space optimally. If you have a large vertical space, there are a number of ways that you can use the space.

  1. Your bedroom wardrobes can be segmented to include hanging space and shelves to use up space efficiently. A shared cupboard space for a male and female should take into account that women require more hanging space for gowns and dresses, whereas men can use more shelves and less hanging space. The idea is to ensure that we design your cabinets with the needs of the people using it in mind.
  2. Customising the wardrobes to suit the look of the bedroom is the next step. The furniture will inform the finishes you choose for the custom cabinets, or vice versa. We’ll consider the style that you are going for and your preferences, in order to guide you in the best selection.
  3. Size and design will be informed by your space, but your budget will help us understand how luxurious and detailed the design of your custom built-in cabinets can be. The unique designs and finishes for your budget will include adding lighting, motorised railings, countertops and drawers where the budget allows. The simplest or most elaborate designs are possible with us.

At Woodcraft Kitchens we have the capacity to build custom wardrobes thanks to our team of highly qualified carpenters. Our tradespeople use the most cutting-edge equipment to fabricate the wardrobes which are carefully fitted into each home.

We are always on hand to offer guidance on custom wardrobe cabinets design ideas. For more information on custom bedroom wardrobes, contact us today.